Journey Begins!

Who Am I And Why I’m Here:

Hello You Can Call Me AK Stars Above. I’m 20 Years Old, Muslim And Yes Writer. I Start Writing 2 Years Ago, While I Love Reading Stories For As Long As I Could Remember And Through Walking In Between Wizarding World To The Arena With Tributes, I Always Wanted To Write Something But Was Held Back By The Fear Of ‘ Will I Be Good Enough ?’.

As The Years Passes I Realized How Fragile Life Is And I Struggle With Finding My Own Purpose. With All These Struggles And Life’s Getting Tougher Than Ever I Pick Up Myself And Start Writing A Journal.

In November, 2017 I Start Posting My Writings On Instagram And I Swear This Was The Best Decision I Have Made For Myself. I Got My First Poem Published In March 2018 In Book Called ‘ Womb ‘ By ” By Me Poetry ” ( By Me Poetry Is Very Famous Page For Writers On Instagram ). Now I Have Some Plans To Publish My Own Book.

As You Read Above I’m Inexperienced In Terms Of My Writing But I’m A Fast Learner And Pretty Catchy, I Have My Own Voice Which Wants To Say A Lot, And That’s What I’m Gonna Do Here, On This Blog I Will Walk You Through My Writing Life, Discussing What I’ve Learned And What I’m Learning..

Let The Journey Begins. May The Odds Always Be In Favor Of Writers.

Lots Of Love,

AK Stars Above